AppTag, jaja Article in Australian Newspaper

Great article in The Australian Newspaper about my business this morning! :-)

Due to their pay wall, you’ll need to do a search on Google to read the whole thing, click here to open a google searchthen click the link in search results. Going into The Australian from Google unlocks the pay wall.

Jon Atherton in Brisbane with an AppTag LaserBlaster

Jon Atherton with an AppTag Laser Blaster


Jon Atherton Australian Newspaper


3 thoughts on “AppTag, jaja Article in Australian Newspaper”

  1. Great idea.

    Just wondering, if the attachment is added to a nerf gun accessory rail, how does the iPhone know when the user has pulled the trigger? You mention high frequency sounds, but nerf guns don’t make high frequency sounds when the trigger is pulled.

    Again, awesome idea!


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