Who is Talking ABout AppTag & JaJa? Everybody!!

Mashable Is This 2012′s Hottest Toy? Mashable thinks so :)

TechCrunch Pressure sensitive stylus with a clever twist.

NYT Nice pressure sensitive stylus

USA Today nearly any kind of multiplayer shooting game you can imagine, all without needing to block the headphone port or eat away battery via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Uncrate compatibility with most Nerf and Buzzbee toy guns serves as icing on the geek-flavored cake.

Technology Review MIT – Hello World covers products that contain important new technologies.

The Toy Spy It will be able to capture the attention of Android fans that had their blaster dreams shot down by the iOS only based smart device play of the Lazer Tag offering.

Dude I Want That The app-and-apparatus duo that will turn your basement, your backyard, and your 3-mile stumble home from the bar at 3 a.m. into an intense competition of agility, precision, and tactical prowess.

Gizmag Luckily for software developers, the AppTag won’t just be limited to games produced in-house. An SDK will become available in the next few weeks

PCMagThe app even includes an augmented reality angle, allowing players to see things like medkits, armor, weapons, and ammo packs on their phone’s screen and shoot them to reap the benefits.

WhatTheCool Obviously as with any blaster toy, the object is to shoot your friends!

Nerf Mod Reviews The AppTag units can be fitted to any tac rail to be used with your favorite blasters!

Swagsofresh a few different forms of iPhone laser tag hit the scene lately, but none that have impressed us like the AppTag Laser Blaster.

AppTag, jaja Article in Australian Newspaper

Great article in The Australian Newspaper about my business this morning! :-)

Due to their pay wall, you’ll need to do a search on Google to read the whole thing, click here to open a google searchthen click the link in search results. Going into The Australian from Google unlocks the pay wall.

Jon Atherton in Brisbane with an AppTag LaserBlaster

Jon Atherton with an AppTag Laser Blaster


Jon Atherton Australian Newspaper


50% Funding for jaja

After a big boost yesterday we’re heading more swiftly to our goal!


We’ve hit 50% funding and still have 24 days to go – looks like we might get there, but still need your help, visit Kickstarter now and get a jaja for close to 1/2 retail price.

The worlds first and only pressure sensitive stylus you can use on an airplane – Bluetooth and wifi can’t be used in airplane mode – high frequency sound can, and due to our noise canceling algorithms and sequences the jaja can be used anywhere.

jaja Stylus Kickstarter

A nice write up about the jaja stylus on Gigaom today seems to be driving a few backers!
There are a few other bloggers starting to get in touch. Appcessories are going to be huge this year, and the jaja is just the first one out of a bunch of great things I am working on! :-)

If you haven’t back it yet, please visit Kickstarter for the worlds first pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad.