jaja Stylus


Here’s an updated image of a section thru a jaja stylus, you can see how it works – simple and elegant.

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Any questions – hit me in the comments :-)

Lovely colors below!























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Earn 27% Return on Wobble Sales!

We’ve just launched Wobble onto Appbackr.

What is Appbackr I hear you ask??

Well it is kind of like Kickstarter – but we’re selling wholesale copies of our apps – future sales that is… you get them at wholesale price and make 27% profit as they sell over the next month or so – we get the funds now.

It’s really an experiment to see how it goes with Wobble, we thought we could use it for some of our other apps like Concierge and Hey! and pinFM that are coming out soon…

UPDATE – we’ve already raised over $5000 in just a few hours!

Appbackr wobble raising funds for apps.png
























Cranking Up Wobble

Well Wobble has been out for a couple of years now, we’ve seen it hit the very top of the charts, and slip down to the top 200 in the past year.

At one time Wobble was installed on 5% of all iPhones in existence, that has slipped to 1%, so that means that we need to tell the 10 million people that this market share represents to go and download Wobble – give me a hand and tell your friends! :-)

To make sure we get 5 Star ratings we’re doing a bunch of work adding more free updates!

So this is my todo list for Wobble – 10 things in 10 weeks – let’s see if we can do it!

1. add the ability to stretch the circle to be any shape – it needs a small handle in the middle to move the target around, then allow the user to pull the edges to stretch the shape

2. Full screen display – have toolbars retract when something moving on screen – tap a small corner to bring toolbars back and stop wobbling

3. Fix bug with premium menu – camera roll menu on iPhone 4 menu item “photo album” overlaying camera roll.

4. Password protection – with pin number – Add a pin number modal dialogue before opening wobbles – if pin is enabled it should always go to the menu screen and ask for a pin before loading any wobbles – modal dialogue box to enter pin

5. Add share by email and sms

6. Add the ability to share animated gifs – with a record button on the shake to view page

7. Add wallpaper ability for android

8. Need on off state for 3d

9. Need a hugeness slider for 3D – like amplitude

10. Update the graphics for all versions – have retina display capable for all versions

Prove My Address – You Prove Yours!

Don’t you hate it when Stupid Companies ask for a faxed* copy of your ID to prove where you live?!

Here’s the deal – I order something online using a Visa card, I want it delivered to our house. The “Stupid Company” asks:

We have asked that you send us verification of the address details – a copy of an official letter showing the credit card address (eg.  Credit Card Statement showing the cards billing address, a rates notice showing the address or a letter from a government department etc.)”

I mean really – wtf?! This particular company sells software, so presumably they have heard of Photoshop…


QED: they are only pissing off their honest customers.

<..end rant>

*Faxes were last used in the late 1900’s and are such low resolution that I could use sticky tape to fraud a mailing address!