AppTag Update ~90% Funded

100% Funding is in our laser sights, and we still have 2 weeks to run – the AppTag laser blaster is getting close to reality! 
It was a very exciting day at AppTag laser frag headquarters today! AppTag got a big mention on Uncrate this morning which caused quite a reaction onTwitter. And hot off the press… a great write up on Gizmag – it’s all happening! :-)

Here’s a great idea – you can save some dollars and have some awesome fun too! Maybe get some friends together to do a group buy – our most popular deals are the 2 and 4 pack, we even have people buying bigger numbers to resell. 

AppTag is going to have some excellent arcade style games, but it is going to be terrific  for big wide open warfare – imagine playing a shooter game across a whole city!

Thanks to our wonderful backers we have jumped 20% in just 2 days and I really appreciate it.

AppTag on Mashable

Got some love from mashable this morning.

In fact it was a pretty glowing critigue of our toy vs the Hasbro product!

Its nice for a seasoned reporter to take a closer look at our toy and compare it favorably to a similar attempt from a huge toy company!

Read the article her: AppTag compared to Lazer tag

Here’s our video too: