AppTag on Mashable

Got some love from mashable this morning.

In fact it was a pretty glowing critigue of our toy vs the Hasbro product!

Its nice for a seasoned reporter to take a closer look at our toy and compare it favorably to a similar attempt from a huge toy company!

Read the article her: AppTag compared to Lazer tag

Here’s our video too:

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Jon Atherton is the creator of Wobble for iPhone, plus many more iOS and Android apps. Please contact Jon for assistance with iOS software development.

Jon also designed Blabr for iPhone. The team is working on Concierge, pinFM and several other innovative ideas!

Here’s a link to Jon Atherton on Facebook :-) I’ll only friend people I know, so if I don’t know you yet it’s probably better to do that first ! :-)

Jon Atherton’s profile is here, I have a Google Profile too at Jon Atherton I’m not sure why just yet…

We’re also finally getting the family website up too, you can find a bit more information about Jon Atherton here.

Jon Atherton business Twitter account or at my private twitter account: Jon Atherton private twitter account

I maintain the Jon Atherton blog a bit more regularly


Jon Atherton Wobble Marketing

Wobble iBoobs has been cruising along very nicely for over two years now, with well over a million installs and income of more than $500,000 in that time.

We’ve been working on some other projects but have now decided to bring Wobble up to date, with a big list of improvements.

Last year we launched 3D and the HD versions which saw a large number of downloads and updates, for our next trick we’re adding all the features which users have ever suggested :-) plus some innovative new ideas and control functions that are pretty entertaining.

It’s also time for a revamp, we’ve engaged IconFactory to give Wobble a bit of a tart up, and I think you’ll like what we have in store!

So stay tuned :-)