AppTag Update ~90% Funded

100% Funding is in our laser sights, and we still have 2 weeks to run – the AppTag laser blaster is getting close to reality! 
It was a very exciting day at AppTag laser frag headquarters today! AppTag got a big mention on Uncrate this morning which caused quite a reaction onTwitter. And hot off the press… a great write up on Gizmag – it’s all happening! :-)

Here’s a great idea – you can save some dollars and have some awesome fun too! Maybe get some friends together to do a group buy – our most popular deals are the 2 and 4 pack, we even have people buying bigger numbers to resell. 

AppTag is going to have some excellent arcade style games, but it is going to be terrific  for big wide open warfare – imagine playing a shooter game across a whole city!

Thanks to our wonderful backers we have jumped 20% in just 2 days and I really appreciate it.

AppTag Apps for laser tag and arcade games

A couple of updates for our Kickstarter project.

First shot below shows screen one of our arcade game for single player. An AR marker is placed on the floor, wall or where ever, spiders hatch out of the floor and you have to shoot them before they jump onto your phone – you can see the spiders in the shot, and an iPod mounted into our AppTag clamp (ignore the small stainless blot, that is for testing only and won’t be in production.

Second screen is not quite as clear, but shows the Laser Tag game as it stands at the moment, Lots more gameplay work to do on this one!  I didn’t have a suitable target, so its a plastic dragon :-)